Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today we got about 10 cases of tomatoes given to us. After taking them out of their packages this is what I ended up with. Lots of lots of salsa will be made! We also got abotu 25 mini watermelons and 14 cases of tortilla chips.. What a blessing. Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Outdoor bed

Matty went missing.. well not really missing, we knew he was outside playing with his brother but brother came in. A few minutes later Aaron said "Matty is still outside." He went running off to check on his best bud... he comes back a few moments later "Mom, Matty is asleep." Outside! Asleep... Off we ran with camera in hand.. He was indeed asleep in the little bed Aaron had made in his little fort. He didn't want to come in.. He sure looked cute..

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The new house

Excuse the mess but this is the house we will be moving into in August. The bedrooms are much bigger and we are gaining a bedroom to split up the boys- they are excited about this. There is less land but more usable than we have now..
Side yard where the pool will go

Front, upper deck is off of the master bedroom/craft room

smaller kitchen than I have now but bigger fridge, nicer sink and oven- oh! a garbage disposal!

hot tub (yay!) and back yard for garden and chickens!

This is one of the kids rooms- they are all 16x16 compared to 11x12 and 10x14 that they have now. They are getting a lot more space. Though mom gets above the closets for storage as there is not any closets upstairs in the master bedroom nor is there a linen closet. But the kids are happy about the yard and the size of their rooms. I am looking forward to yard work and swimming!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vision Forum Giveaway

My friend Marci is giving away a set of Vision Forum DVD's that look awesome! Go check it out
Down on the Farm

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May Pictorial Update

Not much going on here. We are preparing to move back to CA for a while. Kids are getting older.. Sam will be 10 in a few days, Andrew will be 2 a couple of days after that, and Aaron will be 8 early June.. can't believe how fast time flies..

Not much going on here. We are preparing to move back to CA for a while. Kids are getting older.. Sam will be 10 in a few days, Andrew will be 2 a couple of days after that, and Aaron will be 8 early June.. can't believe how fast time flies..

Monday, April 7, 2008

Potty Mouth!

The funniest thing just happened. Hubby was brushing his teeth.. All of a sudden I hear "Hey, this isn't tooth paste!!!" Yep, he had grabbed a tube of A and D diaper rash ointment thinking it was toothpaste. We all got a great laugh at his expense!! We weren't laughing at him we were laughing with him!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eimilee's photography

Eimi went around taking pictures this morning. these are the best of the bunch.. The top picture is of my 7 year old.. The middle is my 2 oldest children and the bottom is of the baby! He will be 2 in May.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Annie Belle does some sewing...

I awoke this morning to find little yo-yo's all over the dresser... Annie did some late night sewing.. Today I helped her put them together.. Here she is with her little quilt..


I love yo-yo's.. I keep a box next to my bed with my squares and my yo-yo template, thread and scissors all ready for me to work on some yo-yo's.. Here are some pics of some great yo-yo created items..

This one is by Sunshine of Sunshines Creations (see sidebar)

Aren't they beautiful!!?? I love the purse. I even woke up this morning to find that Annie Belle had worked on a few small yo-yo's using the old fabric she brought from the orphanage- she did it while I was sleeping that sneaky girl.. I will help her put together her little lap quilt today and get a picture up later..

Friday, March 14, 2008

The girls are here!!

Meet Esther Ruth and Annie Belle.. They just arrived at the train station today.. They are getting to know eachother and the rest of the children here... It was too windy outside to take them around the property.. Another day. Looks like Esther Ruth is getting ready to read Annie Belle a Bible story so I better go, don't want to miss a good Bible story..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Quilt Give Away!!!

Check it out.. it is a beautiful quilt.. over at Old Red Barn

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Millie-Mae all dressed up..

Here she is all dressed up. The dress I think wasn't made for her. The back doesn't close completely. But she looks nice nonetheless..

Millie-Mae and Bobby-Jo

These 2 old dolls were given to me by my husbands Aunt.. I love Aunt Karen.. I am washing
the dress that goes with the first doll. She is Millie-Mae.. Then there is Bobby-Jo.. I am so glad
to have finally found them. They had been packed away for our move and I couldn't find
them anywhere! They are being loved on much to the shock and horror of the
teenagers of this house..But I sure love making them freak out just a bit.. ;-)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Introducing Talulah Belle....

This is Talulah Belle... She will be winging her way to my beautiful niece Kelsey for her birthday. She is the first in my new line of Whimsy Dolls. I just love her.. and would keep her all to myself... but I know Talulah would be much happier with Kelsey.. She will come with a blankie and a bag to carry her in. I had great fun creating her as she hung around my head for well over a month now. It is nice to finally see her come to doll life..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tea Time Mini Quilt

This is my first applique quilt. I love the little teacup... I hope my swap partner likes it..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first Mini Quilt!!

Here it is!!! My first mini quilt. I hand sewed the whole thing! I learned a lot in hand sewing this little quilt. I am so thankful for the lessons. I have decided that I like hand sewing. So I think I will always have one little quilt to be hand sewn going.. It is a nice project while watching tv.. and the nice thing about hand sewing is that I can walk away from it without forgetting what stitch I left off of- or what row..
I have gotten tons of farm girl mail this week. Mostly fabric for swaps.. I was also gifted with a ton of quilting fabric from my friend Theresa. Not only did I get fabric but 4 completed mini quilt tops, 1 Christmas quilt top- completed, and enough squares to do about 4 more mini quilts! I am so excited..
On the rack are 4 mini quilts to be quilted, a Christmas quilt top, and the vintage quilt top I put together last week, and the sherbet quilt top I put together last summer.

These are bags of 2 inch strips, 2 inch squares, and 4 inch squares.

This stack is mini quilts in various stages of progress.

Here is the fabric. all nice quality quilting fabric.. Even some hand dyed.. All so yummy. I feel very blessed.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thrifting and Sewing

I got to do some sewing this week.. The quilt top below are 4 vintage panels my Aunt gave me a year or so ago.. I just loved them but hadn't decided what to do with them. I finally decided that a quilt would look nice hanging on a wall in my fiber room- and this vintage one would be perfect. It needs to be ironed and I need to find a backing fabric.

I found this vintage picture for .25 at the thrift store the other day..

I just love this mini quilt. The white center is embroidered. It has a lovely cat fabric on the back. It will go on my wall of mini quilts.. I found it at the thrift store for .50! The maker even signed it.

This is a pin keeper I made about a week ago.

I found this quilt rack at the thrift store for $5. it is handmade.. It was my find of the day!

This is the bottom.

Today I am working on my first quilt following a pattern. I have done 9 patch squares but nothing ever from a pattern. I am having fun. As soon as it is done I will take pictures!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ronna saves the day!!!

Today I finally got to meet Ronna- a friend from Mary Jane's Farm forums. She met me in town to give me part of some quilting supplies that we bartered for some Longaberger miniature items I had. She brought some items for my boys which they love!! The cars have kept them busy all afternoon. She brought me this bobbin winder so I can get sewing again.. My bobbin winder is broken on my machine.. She also brought me enough Laura Ashley squares to get me started on a quilt. We will meet again soon I am sure...I had such a lovely time visiting with her. So nice to chat with another lady.. I get so lonely out here sometimes.. Here is the bobbin winder..

Today I successfully finished a little flannel rag quilt for the baby and sewed together 4 vintage quilt panels into a lovely vintagey quilt top. It will hang in my fiber room. I am sewing again! YAY!
I remembered the quilt show I went to in early October last year.. Here are some pics of my favorite quilts.