Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My first Mini Quilt!!

Here it is!!! My first mini quilt. I hand sewed the whole thing! I learned a lot in hand sewing this little quilt. I am so thankful for the lessons. I have decided that I like hand sewing. So I think I will always have one little quilt to be hand sewn going.. It is a nice project while watching tv.. and the nice thing about hand sewing is that I can walk away from it without forgetting what stitch I left off of- or what row..
I have gotten tons of farm girl mail this week. Mostly fabric for swaps.. I was also gifted with a ton of quilting fabric from my friend Theresa. Not only did I get fabric but 4 completed mini quilt tops, 1 Christmas quilt top- completed, and enough squares to do about 4 more mini quilts! I am so excited..
On the rack are 4 mini quilts to be quilted, a Christmas quilt top, and the vintage quilt top I put together last week, and the sherbet quilt top I put together last summer.

These are bags of 2 inch strips, 2 inch squares, and 4 inch squares.

This stack is mini quilts in various stages of progress.

Here is the fabric. all nice quality quilting fabric.. Even some hand dyed.. All so yummy. I feel very blessed.


Kristin said...

I LOVE it Debra!!! Its just BEAUTIFUL! You have done a gorgeous job with it! I think yours is even better than my example. Would you mind if I shared your photo & a link to your blog entry on my blog, to share with my readers? :) HUGS!

Nancy Jo said...

That is so pretty, I love red! You did a really nice job.

Debra said...

Kristen, you are more than welcome to share the photo and a link.. I look forward to the next kit..
Nancy Jo, thank you so much!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Your mini quilt is just perfect. Can't wait to see what else you make with the beautiful mountain of fabric!

Be blessed!

Autumn said...

What a lovely little quilt! I am addicted to hand sewing-and have been for years!!!
Your blog is a delight-Do ya mind if I add a link to your blog on mine?

Debra said...

Autumn, You are most welcome to link my blog to yours- I will do the same!
Thank you so very much..
Lea, thank you sweetie.. I feel very blessed with the fabric..

Susan K. in California said...

You have totally inspired me! I want to learn to quilt and to make some mini-quilts. I want to decorate my whole house with textiles. I just love what you are doing. My local community college offers classes in sewing (clothing, I think), quilting, and needlework (embroidery and tapestry work). I want to take them all but I am going to start with quilting, if I can. I have a simple sewing machine and some basic supplies to start.

Debra said...

Susan, I am so glad to have inspired you. Check the senior centers- they usually have a quilting group that will be happy to teach a younger newbie.