Saturday, March 15, 2008


I love yo-yo's.. I keep a box next to my bed with my squares and my yo-yo template, thread and scissors all ready for me to work on some yo-yo's.. Here are some pics of some great yo-yo created items..

This one is by Sunshine of Sunshines Creations (see sidebar)

Aren't they beautiful!!?? I love the purse. I even woke up this morning to find that Annie Belle had worked on a few small yo-yo's using the old fabric she brought from the orphanage- she did it while I was sleeping that sneaky girl.. I will help her put together her little lap quilt today and get a picture up later..


Nancy Jo said...

You really have some handy work there with your yo yo's!! Everthing is so pretty. Love the purse.
Nancy Jo

Debra said...

Nancy-Jo, I wish that I had made these... they are just inspiration pics from flickr.. they are lovely aren't they? I love the purse too!!!

Beemoosie said...

I love all the yo-yo creations...can you believe I have NEVER made a yo-yo!!! I think I'm afraid I will never stop once I start!

sunshine said...

nice to see one of my pictures on a friends blog. It is proper edicate to post who's photos you are using if they are not yours. There have recently been a lot of problem with this on flickr. One person took my photos and a two other peoples photos of a group I admin. He tried using them for profit on ebay which made us all quite mad. I am not made with your use of it but at first glance it looks like you are stating that you made these. Upon closer reading I know that isn't the case. Just to be safe in the future when using someones photos best to attribute to them and link back to the source either on flickr or more preferred by most people is their blog. This is a friendly note I am not mad at you I just don't want others mad at you either.

You did post a very nice montage of photos I hope your yoyo making goes well. The photo you posted of mine the yoyo quilt is actually Suzyhomemakers photo of the quilt I gave her. She sent it, the photo, to me so I could post it on my blog that is how it looks hanging in her kitchen.

Take care Much well wishing

pumpkin seed said...

WOW! How pretty! I have been wanting to make a yoyo table runner for ages now and still haven't gotten around to it. This sure is inspiring though! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Nil said...

I just like your works. I like to make Yo-Yo's too. I cannot stop to stitch them :D

You can see my Yo-yo's