Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The new house

Excuse the mess but this is the house we will be moving into in August. The bedrooms are much bigger and we are gaining a bedroom to split up the boys- they are excited about this. There is less land but more usable than we have now..
Side yard where the pool will go

Front, upper deck is off of the master bedroom/craft room

smaller kitchen than I have now but bigger fridge, nicer sink and oven- oh! a garbage disposal!

hot tub (yay!) and back yard for garden and chickens!

This is one of the kids rooms- they are all 16x16 compared to 11x12 and 10x14 that they have now. They are getting a lot more space. Though mom gets above the closets for storage as there is not any closets upstairs in the master bedroom nor is there a linen closet. But the kids are happy about the yard and the size of their rooms. I am looking forward to yard work and swimming!

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