Monday, March 1, 2010


Here I am- 100 lbs lost! Woo Hoo! It has been a long while since I updated. The kids are all growing up as you can see. We have also added another teenager to our home- Brittany. She is a welcome addition and has captured my heart. So Eimi will be 17 this week, Brittany turned 16 in January, Jacob turned 15 in December, Samuel will be 12 in May, Aaron will be 10 in June, Matthew turned 6 in November, Andrew will be 4 in May. Jeff and I celebrated 20 years in November. I am now a certified raw food chef. Working out the details about what I want to do with it. I want to help people to get healthy, so they can serve God to the best of their ability. Jeff is doing well, business could be better but we are fairing better than most. Kids are doing great in school. Not much else different. Life is always busy..
The boys with their dad and my dad!
The girls Christmas morning..

Widgey Christmas Morning
Brittany and Eimilee Christmas morning

Jacob and Sam on Christmas Day at Maema and Papa's

Matty in the snow

Matty- his birthday- got an indian costume from Maema

Jacob in the snow

The oldest and youngest of the family


Eimilee, Brittany and Jacob

Eimilee and Brittany
This is my youngest who will be 4 in May. He got his violin for Christmas.. Sure wish he would sit still long enough to learn to play it.

Aaron- he made his own instrument out of knex..
Matty- with a mouthful of food apparently!